Sonic Dash for Android: "expect an announcement soon"

sonic dash android

Android users waiting to get busy with the currently iOS-exclusive Sonic Dash will get some news soon, according to Sega.

Although an Android version of Sega’s free-to-play “endless-runner” was confirmed by a Sega community manager back in August, there’s been no word on the title since. However, after contacting Sonic Dash developer Hardlight Studio regarding the status of the game, Megan Davis of Sega Europe replied with the following:

There will be an Android Version of Sonic Dash – we’re just revising our release schedule at the moment, but you can expect an announcement soon.

Short but sweet, this nugget of information is surely a good sign for Android owners ready to get running with their favourite anthropomorphic hedgehog.

Still looking forward to an Android version of Sonic Dash? Have anything to say about the current iOS version? Do you think the game’s presence on Android is long overdue? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below!

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  1. Wow…And I had already given up on this game coming to Android. I guess getting a pretty tiny bite of information/recognition is better than nothing at all. Thank you Sega, but come on already.

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