Do some parkour in Japan with the Sonic Lost World demo

sonic cliff

Before you start jumping off sides of buildings in preparation for Sonic Lost World and Sonic’s new parkour ability, perhaps you should check out the demo… in Japan.

The Sonic Lost World demo hit Japan’s eShop channels on both the WiiU and 3DS. Even though I am definitely grabbing this game, I really do want to see how it controls before my purchase, because I’m always nervous for a game’s new control mechanisms. Although, the parkour system makes complete sense, and only adds to Sonic’s awesome ‘tude.

Oh what’s that you say? ‘Tude hasn’t been a relevant factor in anything since 1995? Psh, whatev dude. I’m gonna skateboard all the way down these stairs, and you can just Eat My Shorts.

Oh, and Sonic Lost World is out tomorrow…. PSYCH! It’s out October 18th in Europe, the 24th in Japan, and the 29th in America.

[Source: Sega Bits]

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