These radical retro Sega shirts show some serious style

mega shirt

It’s been a very fashionable year for Sega fans. To continue the trend, UK-based website Plastic Head has released a line of officially licenced shirts based on many retro Sega franchises. The round-up includes shirts inspired by Alex Kidd, Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Alien Syndrome, Streets of Rage, and even Shinobi. The shirts are very well done, composed mainly of large designs of the games’ box art. I’m partial to the MegaDrive one pictured above, as well as the controller shirt. Hit the jump to see a few more of the designs.

shirt alexshirt fist shirt rageshirt controller shirt blue

shirt beast shirt axeshirt shinobi

I’ll make it easy on you guys and accept any one of these for Christmas. Head over to the Plastic Head to check out the other designs.

[Source: Lazy Gamer]

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