Sonic Dash merges with the Lost World in new DLC

Have you been bored of Sonic Dash lately? I mean it was a fun little title but there’s just not much to it anymore… right? Well luckily there’s something new to add to the mix as Sega has released a free update to the popular auto runner, available right now!

To promote the recent release of Sonic Lost World, Hardlight studios updated the app to feature a boss fight with ‘Zazz’ one of the many new villains from the Wii U title. The fight itself takes place on the old Sonic Dash levels, but features new obstacles as Zazz will ride around on a mech throwing things to stop you from beating your friends high score. As said before the DLC is available right now. Extra features include a challenge mode which involves collecting character cards in your playthroughs. Gamers who participate in this will also get Sonic Lost World themed prizes for their troubles.

Sounds fun right? Well you better snap this up quick since it’s only up for a limited time only. Enjoy the running and good luck on those prizes!

[Source: Sega Blog]

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  1. This is actually really cool. And since Sonic Dash is free there’s no reason everyone won’t take advantage of this. This is the best cross promotion I’ve seen since Danica Patrick!

    Really though. Pretty neat.

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