New Crimson Dragon video shows off huge boss battle and ‘wingman’ feature

Via IGN, Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox One exclusive, Crimson Dragon will indeed be epic in scale. Shown off in the video above is a huge boss fight for example. The fight will feature several sections, and the freeplay stage looks to involve a lot of tactical movement.

Looks hard right? Well to help out Microsoft has revealed the ‘wingman’ (heh) feature. This mechanic will let you essentially borrow one of your Xbox Live friends dragons, with all the XP and abilities attached to it. Once finished with this dragon, both you and your friend will get an XP kickback to boot, encouraging sharing amongst Crimson Dragon players.

The game itself will be available when the Xbox One launches. Until then you can keep checking back on us where we’ll be sure to give you all your Panzer Dragoon inspired news!

[Source: IGN via siliconera]