Disgaea 4 Coming to Vita This Summer, dood!


The PS3 title Disgaea 4 will be getting a full portable version for the Playstation Vita titled, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited. This new entry will contain the original game, new story scenarios, more characters, and all of the original’s DLC.

While I love the Disgaea series – I even dig the anime and bought Disgaea 4 with Fuuka figure – I find their specific brand of RPG to be too meaty for consoles. Endless grinding with fast paced action (you figure it out) is just better suited for handhelds. Seeing as what I played of Disgaea 4 was setting itself up to be my favorite of the series, being limited to console only crippled it for me and I will gladly grab this one when it comes out this summer.

Now, if NIS can announce Disgaea: D2 on Vita and I will be one happy camper dood!

[Source: Destructoid]