Sega Addicts After Hours Episode 12.5: Where the hell IS everybody?

I feel the need to apologize for this episode in advance, because it is truly bad. This is what happens when you take two anime nerds, one of which felt deathly ill, remove the two people who keep said anime nerds on track, and give them 90 minutes of podcast time.

Prepare for off topic tangents, awkward transitions, and more defending of thick manuals and Final Fantasy XIII-2 than you can shake a custom made Genesis at.

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Brett Hatfield

♂/34 ✭ former sega addicts head and megavisions writer ✭ too many mixed up interests ✭ asuka kazama saved my life ✭ final fantasy type-0 shill ✭ asuka ayatsugi in xiv ✭ go preds

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  1. Scott Morrison May 8, 2014 @ 12:16 AM

    I’m willing to waive all the rants, because you spoke so highly of my band. And we didn’t even have to pay you to do so!

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