Aaron Webber leaves SEGA


Yesterday, the internet learned that one of their favorite Sega employees and all-around great guy Aaron Webber will be leaving Sega of America. Aaron (AKA: Ruby Eclipse) achieved what many Sega fans can only dream of, and reassures everyone that they should never give up on following those dreams in his farewell blog post.

Aaron is a good friend of Sega Addicts and will definitely be missed in the Sega community. Sega Addicts has had the pleasure of entertaining Aaron on multiple podcasts, and interviews, and he was always an absolute pleasure to talk to.

I met Aaron in person years ago at PAX Prime during a Sega-hosted event at a nearby GameWorks arcade. Even though I never spoke to Aaron prior, I introduced myself and we joked about an office prank and he talked with me like we were already best buds. The guy will kill you with kindness.

Overall, Aaron will be missed, but it’s nice to hear that he only takes away the positive experiences from his time at Sega, and I’m sure wherever he is going will greatly benefit from having a great guy on their team.

From all the Sega Addicts, we wish you the best with your journey, Aaron, and we are happy to have had a chance to work with you while you were at Sega. And we can’t wait for Big’s Big Fishing Adventure!