Elysian Shadows Kickstarter Starts Today

Folks waiting to support the indie RPG Elysian Shadows finally have their chance. Today, the game’s Kickstarter campaign kicked off, and so far, things are speeding along quite nicely, with just over $20,000 of the $150K initial goal raised in two hours. The campaign lasts til the end of this month, and has some pretty dope perks available, so definitely go and check it out. You know I’m springing for that sweet Dreamcast bundle, of course.

And if you’re wanting to know more about Elysian Shadows before you donate, be sure to watch Sega Addicts After Hours next Monday, as the dev team will be joining us for an interview!

Source: Elysian Shadows @ Kickstarter

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  1. Is it horrible that I want that custom-painted Dreamcast more than usual just because the price is $999 ?

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