Unreleased Genesis game ‘It Came From The Desert’ resurfaces


There have been a few unreleased games in the past few years that have now seen the light of day. The recently discovered game, It Came From The Desert stands out a bit amongst them though. From the looks of screenshots, the game is a mix between text-based conversation, top-down shooting action, and perhaps even first-person shooting.

It Came From The Desert was originally released on MS-DOS in 1989 and had Genesis and Turbografx ports planned that would differ greatly from the original version. However, due to a few “bugs,” and the game literally being too difficult, the console ports never saw the light of day.

Watermelon Games wants to change all that. They will be working with the original developers from Cineware to bring an official limited release of It Came From The Desert. You can pre-order the game on there site now.

Being a fan of Them, and Fallout 3 myself, I definitely plan on keeping an eye on this. Anyone else excited for a walk down memory lane?

[Source: Sega Bits]

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