Sega Addicts Episode 8.88 – Sega is (not) Dead


This week, in a very special episode of Sega Addicts, Pocky X confesses his love for Flocky, Scotty joins us to talk about Sega’s recient press release, and the crew presents a much brighter view of the future than every twitter account LOUDLY proclaiming the death of Sega. Want to find out why? Give it a listen!

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  1. Cold nights like this one were why Tom was thankful there was another person in bed. Someone who understood him, his needs, his likes and dislikes….someone who put up with his desire to pee on things and his endless love of #MinakoTime. He reached out and….woke with a cold start. His bed was warm, but he still felt the cold of his absence. Tom gripped the sheet loosely, sadly. “God dammit Brett,” he whispered sadly.

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