March 2015


Review: Persona Q

Say what you will about Atlus as a company, but no one can deny their ability to effectively ride a profitable gravy train. With the explosion in popularity enjoyed by Persona 3 and 4, we’ve seen spin-off after spin-off, with at least one more on the way and all of…


Review: 3D Outrun

3D Outrun, the latest in Sega’s 3D Classics library, brings Yu Suzuki’s 1986 classic driving game to the 3DS, hoping to use the 3D capabilities of the handheld to simulate the Super Scaler visual effects that so many home consoles have fallen short of being able to imitate. After 30…


Review: 3D Fantasy Zone

3D Fantasy Zone continues the trend of absolutely stellar 3DS titles from Sega and M2. You don’t even have to scroll down to see that I’m giving this game an A. It’s everything you want from a 3D Classic title; a solid port with improvements and extras that bring you…