Check out the schedule for the 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon


Here it is! The lowdown for this coming Saturday to celebrate everyone’s favorite pensive console. The 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon is kicking off on Saturday, September 5th at 7AM Eastern Standard Time from my living room and it’s gonna be insane! With the help of fellow Sega-Addicts Brett, Tom, Nick, and honorary Addict AJ, we will be streaming 24 hours of Dreamcast glory for all of you on Twitch. Check out the schedule below to find out when we are playing your favorite game.

Also listed are the possible alternates and back-up plans if any technical difficulties arise or anything else happens.

7am: Sonic Adventure

8am: Hydro Thunder  (Alternate: Sega Bass Fishing)

9am: Power Stone 2  (Alt: Power Stone 1)

10am: Jet Grind Radio (Alt: Space Channel 5)

11am: Dynamite Cop (Alt: Zombie Revenge)

12pm: Pen Pen Tricelon (Alt: Sega Rally 2)

1pm: Illbleed (Alt: Blue Stinger)

2pm: Typing of the Dead (Alt: Death Crimson OX)

3pm: Sonic Shuffle (Alt: Bomberman Online)

4pm: DUX (Alt: Gunlord)

5pm: Daytona (Alt: Tony Hawk 2)

6pm: Chu Chu Rocket (Alt: Quake 3 Arena)

7pm: Shenmue

8pm: Shenmue  (Alt: Re-Volt)

9pm: Marvel Vs. Capcom (Alt: Project Justice)

10pm: Mr. Driller (Alt: Expendable)

11pm: Crazy Taxi (Alt: Crazy Taxi 2)

12am: Spawn: in the Demon’s Hand (Alt: Street Fighter Third Strike)

1am: Super Magnetic Neo (Alt: Sonic Adventure 2)

2am: Cannon Spike (Alt: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2)

3am: Virtua Tennis (Alt: Unreal Tournament)

4am: WWF Royal Rumble (Alt: chat choice)

5am: V8 Second Offense (Alt: chat choice)

6am: Toy Commander (Alt: chat choice)

7am: Soulcalibur

8am: kick Tom in the balls, say Happy Birthday to the Dreamcast and call it a day!


Are you ready?dc sneak

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