Indie Dreamcast game Redux: Dark Matters is out now

Redux: Dark Matters, an indie Dreamcast game by Hucast, has begun to ship out for Kickstarter backers at the $65 level.

Here’s the information Hucast shared about the game and its release via their blog:

Redux: Dark Matters is the up and coming space shooting game with fresh scoring elements and an incredible soundtrack composed by Andre Neuman featuring legendary video game composer Chris Huelsbeck (Turrican, R-Type). Featuring Highres visuals with in-space, robot blasting, shooting game action. Developed by René Hellwig from NG:DEV.TEAM (GunLord, Fast Striker, Last Hope and DUX) and programmed by KTX Software Development. The game was now released, and is now shipping.

The controversy surrounding Redux: Dark Matters exclusivity to Kickstarter backers is now in the past, as those who didn’t back the project can purchase the game at the official Hucast shop or Play-Asia. More shmups for everyone!

[Source: SEGAbits]

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  1. The controversy is that they lied and lied until they had everyones money. Then they screwed over everyone who funded the game.

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