The 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon Recap

Wait a minute! Didn’t that marathon happen over a week ago? Sure as heck did, but now we have all had sufficient time to recover, catch up on our sleep, and wonder how we survived another 24 hours of insanity!

For myself, I really thought this year would be the year I disappear for nap time, but the energy and excitement kept me going (aside from that round of Chu Chu Rocket I won while dozing off in Hour 23).

Technical difficulties and road construction were not about to keep us from our ridiculous goals this year, the most notable goal being the $500 Extra Life mark that we hit with the help of you beautiful people! Because we hit that goal, I will indeed get our site logo tattooed on myself! This year was definitely a year for crazy numbers as we had more viewers than ever, more people show up at my apartment than ever, and so many people help us with a good cause.

Let’s not get too sentimental, though. I’ll let these weirdos do that. Without further ado, allow me to toss the zombie-killing keyboard to the insane hosts of this year’s 24-Hour Dreamless Dreamcast Marathon for their thoughts:


Despite missing a key member of the team from the marathon squad this year and being dead tired from driving nearly 30 hours in a weekend alone, the marathon this year was a bigger success than I could have hoped for. I even stayed awake the whole time- guess I’m not that old yet! Some games went completely as expected, but the amount of racing game hype in the chat as well as generally amazing moments (like the entirety of Death Crimson OX) brought a new level of excitement and wonderful reactions from everyone all around. Pen Pen Triicelon is quickly becoming an essential staple just for the nightmare fuel shock the chat gets, and playing it at 2 AM couldn’t have been a better idea.

Even better is that after seeing the success of the Dreamcast marathon, we’re looking to expand the celebration into the other Sega consoles as well- we’re already in the initial planning stages of hosting a Saturn marathon in May 2017! After seeing how much love the Dreamcast gets, I’m very excited to see what will happen when one of my favorite consoles gets that kind of loving (?) treatment. Hope you’ll join us for that, and thanks so much for helping us achieve our Extra Life donation goal. You guys are amazing, and we couldn’t have done all this without you.



It’s honestly hard to put all my thoughts on this crazy ass ride into words. It’s crazy to think how much this thing has grown from Josh’s very first text-based marathon to now an actual physical event for charity. Getting hooked up with Extra Life and actually meeting our goal is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done with this site, by far and away. Seeing so many friends and family show up that haven’t really checked out what we do was fantastic as well and meant the world to me.

Of course, it was probably the most personally stressful marathon for me. The technical issues almost sent me into a breakdown, on top of not being able to sleep the night before and knowing we’d have possibly more eyeballs on us than ever before, but it all worked out, and ended up being a total success in my eyes.

I can’t thank everyone who watched, donated, and spread the word enough. None of this would’ve happened without your support. To the Addicts staff who couldn’t make it, but held it down in other ways while the Marathon crew tried to throw this thing together- thank you guys so much. Hope you guys can get up here next year.

Lastly, to those in the apartment- you guys rock, and getting to hang with you all again is honestly the highlight of my year so far. Thanks for being there and for keeping my head up when I couldn’t do it myself.

As for the future, who knows where we’ll be next, or how we’ll grow this thing, but I promise you guys this: it’s gonna be kick-ass, and I will regain my Daytona United States Championship. Mark my words.

Thank you all again. Y’all rock.



Ode To Nick

Today we honor the fallen
Three years is too short a life
With Monster, Dew Shine, and Pocky
Paper cut loose with a knife

We honor Nick with a Dreamcast
Candles, photos, bagpipes
A bag full of chinese food
And other various stereotypes

24 hours of gaming
Except me, lol
I had puppies to snuggle, doodles to make
and google image search Kristen Bell

And so it is with sadness
That we lay the baby to rest
We shall bury him with his treasures
And this anime about incest


Thanks, guys. That’s some good “memories & shit.”

We really could not have done all of this without all of you reading this. If you missed the live madness, you can catch it all at your leisure with this YouTube playlist. You can also continue helping our Extra Life page here (click the “Roster” tab, then click a participant’s name, and then on the “Donate” button).

Again, guys, we cannot thank you enough for tuning in to this marathon and cheering us on. Stay tuned to the site and our Twitter for upcoming marathon possibilities and other Sega-related hype. I think it’s safe to say that all the Lizardmen won this year.

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