Sega Addicts Episode 95- Sonic ’06 Never Happened

As much as we didn’t want to admit it (well everyone except Brett), this discussion was inevitable. One of the most infamous games in a Sega Addict’s library, Sonic the Hedgehog from the year 2006, better known as Sonic ’06 claims us as its victims this week. Nick, Brett, and Scotty discuss Sonic ’06 in great detail and disdain, while Brett tries to convince Scotty that it is actually a good game in what may be one of our most emotional episodes to date.

We also talk about games and series we believe should die better deaths, be brought back from the dead, or just die – and actually get into a lengthy discussion about that as well! This whole show is a great length for any holiday traveling over the weekend!

Because we felt we discussed Sonic ’06 enough in the main portion of the show, we took the extra talk of the plot and threw it at the end of the recording for anyone interested in that 25 minutes of laughter, pain, and confusion. Spoilers: Scotty was continually baffled over every decision involving Sonic, Elise, and whatever the heck Solaris is. Help us.

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