Sega Addicts Episode 94- Mega Visions Radical Takeover


This week on the Sega Addicts Podcast, we welcome Chris and Marcin from to introduce their brand new digital-interactive magazine, Mega Visions! This brand new magazine is a Sega-themed love letter to magazines of old and technology of new, but don’t take our word for it – listen to the creators passionately explain all the love and excitement that is going into this amazing project. After listening to the show, don’t forget to swing by, check out Issue Zero, and then sign up for a subscription!

Outside of that, we have our usual insanity discussing the game of the week, Jurassic Park for the Game Gear and answering our pensive Questionarium. And for some reason, the wheel of fate and universe wants to torture us, so we will be playing Sonic The Hedgehog, better known as Sonic ’06, for next week. No you are not hallucinating. We will be play Sonic… oh…. six.

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