Articles by Alex Barbatsis


Retro Review: Skitchin’

Sometimes you play a game for five minutes, enjoy its kitsch, put it down thinking to yourself, “Gee, what a fun game,” only to return to it with more time and discretion only to find the flaws shine through brighter than the good bits?  Skitchin’, developed and published by Electronic…


Freaky Fridays: Sentient Bananas

We’ve been experiencing a disturbing trend across the nation in the last few months.  Bananas have risen from their appointed place atop fridges across the country and started HAVING FACES!!!  What has spurred this disturbing trend?  Is it a political movement?  Could it be related to the recent meteor showers…


Retro Review: Clayfighter

This week, I decided to look into nostalgia and review the beginnings of a series I love.  Clayfighter, developed by Visual Concepts Ringler Studios and released by Interplay, was not the game of my childhood.  I played Clayfighter: Tournament Edition and Clayfighter 2, both games that were improved and much…


Freaky Fridays: Chakan: The Forever Man

Ever felt like taking control of an all around rough and tumble guy, using lots of weapons and spells, and possibly (inevitably) getting pounded by the bad guys before you end them once and for all? Like you games tough. Well, here’s a real doozy for you. Chakan: The Forever Man, developed and published by Sega, is one of the hardest action platformers I’ve every played. If you have the need to be punished but don’t have the cash for a dominatrix, try Chakan instead.

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