Articles by Alex Barbatsis


Freaky Friday: Rayman 2: The Great Escape

What’s freaky about Rayman?  Everything!  With the upcoming slap-em-up reimagining/remake/redo/revamp/resomething, wanted to take a look at Rayman 2: The Great Escape as a potential Retro Review.  But when I started playing, I knew it was strictly Freaky Friday territory.  Hit the jump for the top eight weirdest characters in the series.


PAX Hands On: Conduit 2

The best first person shooter experience on the Wii so far is easily The Conduit.  So now that High Voltage Software is rounding the corner on bringing us The Conduit 2, expectations are high.  I got a to play through a great demo of the game and see the latest…


PAX Hands On: Sonic Colors Wii

Finally, there is a possibility of good 3D Sonic game.  With my time at Pax, two things assured me of the Wii version Sonic Colors’ high potential.  One was Sega representatives admitting other 3D Sonic games were terrible.  This time they’ve seemed to learn from their mistakes and have taken…