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Forum News: It’s Friday!

It’s Wednes… It’s Thurs… Well, it’s Friday, and I have had a very busy week, so I haven’t really been able to finalize this until now. But that’s okay, because it seems the forums have been doing just fine in my absence. If you haven’t joined the new forums yet,…


Forum News: A triumphant return

Sega-addicts, it’s been a while. As you might have guessed, with the return of our forums comes the return of Forum News. Since the new forums are so spectacular I think it’s only fair that the new Forum News is equally spectacular. If you haven’t joined or re-joined, what are…


Forum News: Mean jokes within

Good day, Sega-addicts. In case you didn’t notice there was no Forum News last week. This is partially because of the essays and reading I had to do, and partially due to the game I had to review. It seems blasphemous to list those things as one in the same….


Review: Total War: Shogun 2

Over my years as a gamer I have played relatively few strategy games. The ones I have played were games like Fire Emblem, Sakura Wars, Shining Force; turn-based games that come packed with their own pre-determined stories. Shogun 2 is neither turn-based, and the story really isn’t determined in any…


Forum News: This week so crazy

Hello Sega-addicts, it’s that time again where I ramble on for hundreds of words about something most of you don’t do despite the fact that all of you should. That’s right, it’s Forum News. So if you haven’t joined the forums, what better time is there than right now? Well,…


Forum News: We are strange people

Hello again Sega-addicts, it’s time for Forum News. What a great time to join the forums if you haven’t done that yet. And if you have, that’s great, why aren’t you posting more frequently? You don’t actually have to answer that, but you should get in there and post away….