March 2011


ESRB confirms Monster World 4 port

Gotta love the ESRB and their inadvertent announcements, eh? Well fans of import games and the Monster World series will be especially glad as the ratings board have in fact revealed that the last instalment in the sort-of-popular Monster World franchise will finally make it to the West. That’s right,…


Retro Review: Space Harrier

When I was younger, I was stuck in Shenmue. No matter how many tractor races I completed I was doomed to do more each and every day. Did I look at gamefaqs? No. Did I eventually unstick myself? No. I raced a tractor, worked at the docks and then spent…


C2E2: A Pop Culture Odyssey!

How are all you SEGA Addicts out there, have you got the shakes yet, due to our hiatus?  This is Mike Kyzivat here, using Tom’s account (shh!! don’t tell him) because my account doesn’t have all these fancy do dads like posting stuff and adding pictures.  Hey what’s this button do? …