Forum News: It’s Friday!

This joke isn't too old yet is it?

It’s Wednes… It’s Thurs… Well, it’s Friday, and I have had a very busy week, so I haven’t really been able to finalize this until now. But that’s okay, because it seems the forums have been doing just fine in my absence. If you haven’t joined the new forums yet, what are you waiting for? I suggest doing it right now! Not only is it a great place to talk to cool people about Sega, but it’s also a great place to talk about anything you like! And this week we just unveiled a few more badges! Hit the jump to learn more about the badges, our ramblings on Sega, and all the other stuff we talk about!

Did someone say new badges?

Gear’d Up/Neptune/Early Adapter/What do you mean it wasn’t successful?
-Same as the first batch of console badges. Take a picture of your Sega Game Gear, 32X, Model 1 Sega CD, or Model 2 Sega CD to get this.
Double Down
-Create our infamous Breakfast Double Down and post a video or picture of it (and preferably of you eating it) to get this delicious treat.
500 Posts

-Post 500 times on the forum to nab this one.

Pretty straight-forward eh? If you don’t know what a Breakfast Double Down is go here and learn about it. Everyone should be able to get that badge!

Anyway, I’ll get on topic now. It was actually a good thing that I was a little late this week because that means that I can link you to the thread for Podcast Episode 58 right as it gets posted. Which means you don’t have to worry about the guesswork involved with trying to find topics not discussed in my article. That sentence had a very infomercial vibe to it. I kind of like that. More on that later, in fact. Now if podcasts with more hype and obscure references than Das Racist (but less shows unfortunately) are more your style you can jump into the Sega Addicts Kids Table thread. There you can also discuss Alex’s second penis. That should give you a pretty strong appetite, and you know us gamers love mornings, so why not discuss breakfast foods? Was that a bad segue? Well that thread is in the same board as the Food Addicts Podcast thread, which also saw some discussion. It’s all coming together now, baby.

It was hard to post this picture without directly looking at it.

Now it’s time for everything to fall apart into oblivion – let’s talk about the Bar! The Are You Afraid Of… thread made me really regret being born. There are more pictures of disgusting bugs that make me cry in there than I ever wanted to see. So, like, CHECK IT OUT! What a selling point. After that, join us in swooning over Stevie in Stevie’s Forum! Actually that doesn’t sound too appealing either. Well, how about the Bar, where everything’s made up and the post’s don’t matter and also sometimes everyone gets hungry because someone died. …whatever, man. You wouldn’t understand these threads anyway. Go not-cry and not-swoon and be full somewhere else, loser.

Like, for instance, the Sega board! You probably like that company since you’re on our website. You probably also urinate, since you’re not a robot. Well, we have just the thread for you (provided you can do it standing up): Sega Toylets! Yeah, I can’t believe it’s being made either, but I mean, it’s Sega; they do crazy shit sometimes. Like give us a free-to-play MMO – Spiral Knights! And here at Sega-Addicts we have a thread for you to set up Spiral Knights game sessions! If you don’t play that game, you could always take a minute to tell us your story of how you became a Sega Addict. That story will likely inform your post in the Top 10’s thread, where you tell us your top-10 games from whatever Sega system you want! And if you slipped up and played a non-Sega game (for shame) you can tell us about that too in our Non-Sega Gaming board. We also want to hear your opinion on Horror Games over there. Finally, want to play games with other Sega-Addicts? Well you can do that in our Gamertags thread! Don’t worry, it’s not just for Xbox 360 gamertags; we’ll post your Steam, PSN, Wii, DS, any DS game, WOW account name…well, anything you tell us to actually.

You can even post your telegraph number!

Want to take a break from gaming, but not from forum posting? Well, that’s an odd, but welcome desire, and we can accompany it with our Entertainment board. As of late the Anime Thread has been very popular. One might say it’s been…spoiled? I’ll let you figure out that joke on your own. Next, you can tell us what you’ve been listening to. You’ll probably be in there for a while; the precedent was set and everyone’s been posting awesome music in there, ready to listen to. It’s great, but time consuming. Not enough TV in your life? Why not check out Game Center CX? It’s this show about a Japanese guy playing hard old video games! I am really bad at selling things, jeez. Well how about a show that sells itself: Adventure Time! (Side Note: As I wrote this “You Can Sell Anything” by Das Racist came on. Remember a few paragraphs when I referenced these guys? This is too weird. I had to include this as a note.)

If you’re feeling creative, you should head over to our Creativity Board. Really, you should, especially the Our Artwork thread. Even if you don’t make art yourself, the artists over there are freaking incredible! It’s definitely worth checking out, as long as you don’t mind when your knees give out.

It's all much better than whatever this is!

Now for something you might remember: The Forum News Challenges! Except this time with real rewards! That’s right, they have a point now! I’m going to issue a challenge, or challenges, and then something awesome will happen as a result! Maybe we’ll change the header in the forums, maybe we’ll add a character to the background image, maybe I’ll write Forum News in pig-latin. It all depends on what the reward is! (Another Side Note: I will probably never write Forum News in pig-latin.) So have a look at this week’s challenges:

Challenge 1: Post a new topic in the Bar.
Reward: A character of your choosing will be added to the background image.

Challenge 2: Bring the topic count to 85.
Reward: I will write Forum News as an infomercial next week.

I really hope Alex sees that so that if we beat challenge 2 he isn’t treated to a surprise infomercial where Forum News should be. See you in the forums!

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  1. Her video has been removed from YouTube 🙁

  2. my favorite version of friday

  3. I gotta get me one of those fancy telegraph numbers…

  4. x10 strikes again! Forums down! 🙁

    I was en route to post something too, luckily I got one last one in before the crash (for me)

  5. As of right now they seem to be working alright.

    I do miss Friday though :(. It better win a Grammy.

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