Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U)

Very few party games come along that can unite an entire family for hours, or allow bitter roommates to set aside the drama. Can Nintendo bring back the party in yet another iteration of their A-Button smasher? Or will this be another gimmicky dust collector? Hit that jump as rapidly…


Sega Set for Starring Role at IAAPA

Next week’s IAAPA Attractions Expo will see Sega’s largest presence to date. With an estimated 3,600 square feet of floor space, pride of place will be given to Showdown. Based on the Codemaster’s title DiRT Showdown, Sega’s new experience will feature a 100 inch HD projection display with Pivot Motion Technology,…


Sega Hard Girls Airs

October 8th saw the first episode of the Sega Hard Girls anime premiere in Japan, alongside an international simulcast in North America via Cruncyroll. The series will air every Wednesday at 3:00pm BST. Whilst Britain has gifted the world much (a useful steam engine, industrial swearing, thermos flasks, the computer, reinforced…