Sega Addicts Podcast – Episode 13 Records Tonight!

Tonight will be the recording of Episode 13. Things discussed: a teeny bit of Sega news, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the Dreamcast, and a main topic of “Sonic Copies”. By “Sonic Copies” we mean all those anthropomorphic characters with attitude that many game developers starting creating after the success of Sonic. Some of them were good, many were bad. If you have any you want to mention or have any other questions just leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Couple questions, actually!

    1) I know you’ve discussed which Sonic sidekicks you don’t like (I can no longer look at Cream the Rabbit on Sonic Rush without at least snickering a bit thanks to you guys), but is there, by some odd occurrence, ones you do like?

    And 2) Any chance we’ll get more Radio Drama in the future? The first one was hilarious, and I’d certainly love to see it (hear it?) return!

  2. Jazz Jackrabbit 2. Fast action and sweet pixelwork. They managed to pull of a Sonic Advance-ish game in 1998, 3 years before Sega.

  3. Which of the ‘Sonic clones’ do you think is the most original?

  4. What are some Genesis games that you’d like to see on Steam, XBL, PSN, that aren’t already in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection?

    Does anyone of Sega Addicts plan to write up a review of the new game “Rocket Knight”?
    (I’m unsure if it’s worth $15 after playing the demo.)

  5. Any of you played/heard of Segagaga on the Dreamcast? Possibly the most awesome game ever, if I only understood any of it. It apparently parodies the competition between the PS2 and the Dreamcast and acts as a huge inside joke for SEGA featuring numerous character cameos, parody minigames and even employees of SEGA as enemies.


  6. Are you guys excited about “Super Dimension Game Neptune”?

    Sega has a few influences in (reviving Neptune and forgotten characters!) as well as handling the “sales” end of the project.

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