Platinum Games start ‘The Vanquish Blog’

There’s a very serious reason I’m excited about this. During the development of Bayonetta, the game’s director Hideki Kamiya was updating a blog on the Platinum Games website along with other development staff which featured Q&A sessions, in depth dissection of the work they’ve done, what did and didn’t make the cut and even the wonderfully esoteric advertising efforts they attempted for the original Japanese Launch. Did you know that the four-legged colossal enemy Sapientia has angelic script across it’s brow that reads ‘SG-1000000’, joking that it may run on advanced Sega hardware? (His legs also run on Sega Master Systems. Apparently) You would’ve if you’d read the blog!

Fret nothing however, as Shinji Mikami will be doing much the same for The Vanquish Blog this time around before the worldwide October release. Sadly there’s not much there in the initial post you weren’t already privy to, although it does show a little Mikami introspection regarding what he’s been up to between God Hand and this, which surprisingly involved him doing very little for a year and a half, almost giving up the role of being a creator entirely. See? That’s interesting stuff again you almost missed! Make sure you check the blog regularly if you fancy a little more Vanquish in your browser history, though I’ll be sure to post up anything especially interesting as a reminder.

Considering the Bayonetta Blog featured a tag just for ‘Bayonetta’s Butt’, that could be just about anything.

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  1. That’s awesome. The Bayo blog was always a great read, and I look forward to seeing the updates on Vanquish!

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