Forum News: We Like Mike, I like Kris

I think they could make Congress 2010.

It’s Sunday evening, Sega-Addicts, so it’s time for forum news. Say, you better join the forums if you haven’t already. You’re going to want to after you hear about all the crazy stuff that’s been going on this week. Or hey, if you’re not excited by what you hear you can always start your own interesting posts. Just get in there!

So first things first, have you listened to this week’s podcast? Mike from is now in the forums, so stop by his intro thread and ask him any questions you might have. He’s the closest thing to a celebrity we have in the forums, so gawk at him and ask for autographs, but don’t stuff ballot boxes and have him sent to North Korea like you do to the other celebrities.

Just incase you didn’t catch the reference.

While we’re kind of talking about the podcast, don’t forget about the Podcast section where you can find threads on many of the podcasts and recommendation threads for some of your favourite articles. I usually talk way too much about these, but only because it’s a great way to leave your impact on the site. Do you love or hate what we’re writing? Tell us all about it! And to any writers who aren’t in the forums, I strongly urge you to get in there, for the community!

In the Buy/Sell/Trade section the site’s own Kris Knigge posted a huge list of games he is willing to trade/wants in return. The games span multiple systems, so if you like video games, chances are there’s something here for you. If you’re looking for a PAL Region R-Type DX for GBC follow the links and make a sale. Or start your own thread to buy/sell or trade some games.

Being a Sega fan you probably own and enjoy Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, or some of the games on the collection. Well now there’s a thread to drool over it in! Too bad that game doesn’t include all the classic games on Genesis, Master System, Saturn and the like, but it’s a good thing our forum does! Talk about any classic game you want there. As Kris Knigge recently pointed out in it, Strider. Get in there and be nostalgic! Then, debate about controllers. Do you favour the Dreamcast controller or the Saturn one? Are you going to troll us and say Master System? On top of these threads you can talk about any Sega-related game here.

Sega games not your thing? Well, sir, why are you on our site? OH! For the the non-Sega Gaming forum. We have Metal Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Colour and Silent Hill threads in there in addition to the ones we had last week. Also, did you get a great deal on your game, perhaps in our Buy/Sell/Trade section? Talk about it here and rave at the great deals of others as well.

Hungry? Have some Ice Cream, then wash it down with your favourite kind of soda (it’s pop in Canada). Too poor for those luxuries? Well talk about that you do eat in the student food thread. Or if you’re full check out my epic lulz and the rest of the gang’s great ideas in the frozen food thread. I think that thread is really interesting; I had no idea so many foods could be enhanced by freezing them.

This guy seems legit.

Once you’ve played your fill of video games and you’ve had enough to eat, mosey over to the Stuff, et al. section and talk about movies and rate the last one you saw. And as Saiyavenger and I kindly point out to you all: the Twilight movies fucking suck, don’t watch them. If you’re as Japanese as everyone else you can talk about manga or anime, which ever you prefer. Coheed and Cambria fans get in here! This section is choc full of other threads that might tickle your non-gaming fancy and it’s usually one of the most popular sections. You could even talk about a lot of those Sonic Cartoons talked about on the podcast!

Finally, we have a bar and it is popular. That is all.

With the end of that lengthy and intellectually stimulating paragraph we are left with the challenges! Here’s a recap of last week’s challenges:

  1. 10 new members
  2. Reach 600 cumulative posts
  3. Make a sale in the Buy/Sell/Trade section
  4. 1 new successful topic in both Sega Games and Non-Sega Gaming

We didn’t get the 10 new members, but we did get 600 posts (700 actually). MattJay acquired a Master System, so we’ll pretend that counts as a success, and there were several new successful topics in both Sega Games and Non-Sega Gaming sections. That’s 75%! Good for us, we’re improving. This week we’re going to stick with 4 challenges, and we’re getting rid of the 10 new members one, because that’s kind of unfair, though I encourage everyone to join the forums and get active. Your challenges are as follows:

  1. Reach 1000 posts
  2. Someone trade Kris Knigge a game
  3. Reach 100 posts in the Bar
  4. One new piece of feedback in all the current writer recommendation threads mentioned above

These ones are harder, but I know we can get 100% this week. I feel it.

PS. I apologize for the rushed nature of this week’s forum news. I’ve been 8 hours away from home all week without my computer so I’ve had very little time to be active in the forums or think about this post. Next week will be a lot better, I promise.

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  1. I like Kris, too! 😀
    Someone trade me something!

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