Forum Revamping: We need your help!

As you’ve probably noticed by now, our forums have been down for about a week for a much needed revamping. While I’m sure all of you are saddened by this, it’s worth it. When they come back up, they’ll be on a new system, have a fresh new look, more community features, and hopefully far less spam, amongst other things.

So here’s where you, the loyal Sega Addict, come in. What features do you want in the new Sega Addicts Forum? What was missing in our first attempt? If you weren’t a member before, what could we put in that would make you want to join this time? Any and all suggestions are welcome! Just leave them here in the comments.

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  1. Manic Maverick May 10, 2011 @ 4:08 PM


    Forum stuff:

    1. Flash embed feature, for posting videos. There’s one that lets you post anything with flash, like YouTube or Vimeo or Nico Nico or GameTrailers or Livestream, et cetera. It converts “[url]videourl[/url]” into the video.

    2. Game board, with Sega-related gaming and non-Sega-related gaming as subforums. Separating them into different categories got a bit confusing sometimes. XD

    3. Podcast section for the main podcast and a subforum for other podcasts. Just for a bit more organization.

    4. Making the community managers mods would help reduce spam and keep the forum functioning smoother. (Also, private/hidden mod boards for organizing with fellow mods are good)

    5. Community events, like game nights. Netplay Sega games on emulators?

    6. If there isn’t a problem spending too much money, this is pretty sweet forum software:

    General site stuff:

    1. You guys should start doing Let’s Plays of Sega games. That would be awesome, and it would definitely bring more people in.

    2. Has Tom ever thought about doing a comic with the Chewables? Something else that would be cool to add.

    • Amazing suggestions Manic. I think everything you’ve mentioned has a lot of potential. The budget for the forums is probably going to be close to $0 unfortunately so we probably won’t be buying any software. We’re looking at the free SMF software but if there’s a relatively cheap forum software I may be interested if it’s noticeably better than any free option out there.

      A Chewable comic would be great and I really think the only thing that could hinder that is the amount of time Tom would have to draw it. Maybe if it was just a monthly short thing though he’d be able to do it consistently. And Let’s Plays could be really great as well. I could see it working especially well if it tied in with each week’s Sonic Gem on the podcast.


    2. I wasn’t too confused by it, but there was quite a bit of overlap between the two sections before.

    3. A main site subforum too, would be nice, I think. It was weird for me placing my article threads in the podcast section.

    4. I’d suggested this before, actually. It wasn’t exactly needed too much then since we only got minimal spam and Alex could take care of it, but it’d still be very nice. I think this is a definite happening though.

    5. VERY ON BOARD WITH THIS TOO. Like, having races through old Sonic games or something? Four of us set up a screen recorder and stream it on Ustream?

    6. Didn’t know Invision was still around. I think we’ll try SMF first, though.

    General site stuff:

    1. I’d love to do something like this. And wasn’t there discussion in the past about commentating Sega movies too?

    2. I’d love to see this too, maybe as a buffer between episodes? Like, the misadventures of the cast in the off weeks? (AND MAYBE A CAMEO FROM YOUR LOVELY COMM MANAGER TOO WINK WINK)

    Fantastic suggestions, Manic. THIS is the type of stuff we need.

  3. Yeah Manic pretty much covered everything. The only thing I can suggest is…

    … more Male Thongs.

  4. @Scotty: I’ll put up a double secret thong board just for you.

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