Forum News: Fun-size edition

Unfortunately this post has very little to do with candy.

Hey, Sega-addicts. This post is going to be fairly short because I am in essay hell right now and also because last week’s Forum News is still fairly up-to-date. The most important thing I need to point out is that we exceeded my expectations this week – there was lots of action going on and there were tons of things to talk about. That said, I shouldn’t give too much away in the intro, so join the forums and hit the “more” button right now to learn about what happened in there this week!

So lets see how we did on the challenge:

For challenges this week all I want is some activity in each of the threads I’ve outlined here and some activity outside of them. To sum it up – just post in our forum and I’ll be happy.

Technically we didn’t have activity in all the threads because no one posted in the Postmodernism thread (I wonder why not), but given that that thread sucks anyway I’m going to look past it and say we achieved success. Good for us.

Now like I said, I’m only going to focus on threads that didn’t exist last Wednesday because last week’s forum news is largely still up-to-date. In the Podcast section we now have a thread for Podcast 37 – Splatterhouse. It’s been relatively quiet, so get in there if you enjoyed the show, or the games. In other podcast news the newest Writers Wroom cast is up can can be found through this thread.

I can really SEE the appeal of... I'm sorry.

As far as video game discussion goes we brought back the topics of Bayonetta and Yakuza 3. Some interesting discussion has been going on in both of those, and it’s nice to see those threads coming back into focus. On the non-Sega side of things the Tekken thread was revived for discussion, and so was the Which Video Game Universe Would You Live In thread. Keep in mind discussion in both of these areas was not limited to these two threads, so check out both the Sega and non-Sega gaming sections to discuss the other fun stuff that was talked about.

In the Bar we now have the Desktop Derby thread. It’s a pretty fun little thread, for those who don’t know here’s how it works: close all things associated with Porn, take a screen shot of your desktop, post it in this thread, laugh at the funny names Stevie has for things on his desktop. GO DO IT NOW!

As for challenges, I have 2 this week. I know that’s kind of lame, but I want to get things really rolling before I bust out a huge punishing list.

  1. Keep up a good pace of action in the forums.

Those shouldn’t be too hard. Next week I should be able to give you a proper forum news, provided we keep up the good work and give me stuff to talk about. For now, have a good week and I’ll see you in the forums, Sega-addicts.

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