Vote for Sega Addicts t-shirt designs!

Tom has created a plethora of t-shirt designs for Sega Addicts. They’re all awesome but to print all of them would cost moneys. Lots of moneys. So, we’re probably going to pick the two most loved designs and print those to sell to our fans (i.e. parents and close relatives). You’ll find all the designs below with a number underneath. If you want to help vote for what t-shirts will be chosen just mention the numbers for the two designs you like the most and feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as well.

Happy voting!












  • Slowey


  • I’m gonna go with 6, 9, or 10, but I’d be proud to wear any of em if I’m honest.

  • goodlymike

    Yea, they all look so cool, but I like 1 the most

  • RetroDLC

    I prefer 6 but like 9 too.

  • Andrew Galbraith

    5 and 10.

  • Would 4 have the pill on the front and the text on the back? Either way I want that one

    And I want 10 so hard it’s making my eyes bloodshot

    I think that one would also look better with the text on the back or maybe more centered

    [/art school] [/pretentious]

  • Josh Newey

    1, 6, and 10.

    I MUST HAVE 10.

  • Stevie Grant

    6 and 10

    i need 10

  • Megatheist

    1,6,8 & 10.

  • 3, 6, and 10 for me, probably.

  • ivyBOOM


  • JanitorShmoo

    1, 9, and 10!

  • Pat Reddick

    3, 9 and 10. 3 is my favorite though; I love the drawings of the staff Tom makes. In saying that, those would probably be the most expensive to make.
    I hope one day the site becomes big enough to make them all.

  • Skimble

    I’m going to vote 10 and 11 because I’m all for subtlety in my shirts.

  • Sweet! Thanks for all the input, guys! It’s looking like 6 and 10 are the general favorites so far. I can dig it.

  • 10 and 6.
    6 looks like it’s in free fall.

  • Manic Maverick

    4 and 10! Or 12, but I’d suggest putting the hamburger on the windmill and not the cat.

  • 6 & 10 are amazing! 9 is also very good. Can’t wait to order one. =)

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