Radvertisements: SEGATA SANSHIRO!

I was saving this one but the demand for it was too much for me. This week’s Radvertisements is all about SEGATA SANSHIRO!

Segata Sanshiro was a character created to promote the Sega Saturn. His name and appearance are a parody of Sugata Sanshiro, a legenedary Judo fighter from the Akira Kurasawa film, Sanshiro Sugata. He was played by actor Hiroshi Fujioka, who, until that point, was best known for playing the hero Takeshi Hongo on Kamen Rider.

Segata Sanshiro would hunt down and punish people who didn’t play the Sega Saturn. He was a pretty busy guy:

I don’t know what they’re saying as my knowledge of the Japanese language is basically limited to counting to 10 and how to ask for porn but I bet it has something to do with Sony. No one was safe from his beatings. Not even children. In fact, ESPECIALLY not children:

Segata Sanshiro actually resorts to donning a disguise to trick children and break into their homes. Where are their parents? I bet Sanshiro knows.

Besides being incredibly strong and a martial arts expert, Segata Sanshiro displays an array of supernatural powers. For instance, he has the ability to make someone explode. Twice:

How does one get so strong? Sanshiro has a rigorous training regimen of hauling a giant Sega Saturn up and down a mountain and practicing martial arts on the giant controller (button masher):

And smashing things with his head:

I read somewhere that those are supposed to be N64 cartridges, but they just look like grey blocks to me.

He’s also very skilled at sports:

All of these ads were made over the course of only one year but the character became very popular in Japan. He got his own video game and even a music video:

Try and get that song out of your head.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. Even Segata Sanshito:

Sanshiro, you brave, brave man. He will forever live on in our hearts as one of the greatest spokemen ever.

That’s it for this week’s Radvertisements, kids. And remember Segata Sanshiro does what Crash Bandicoesn’t.

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  1. I want to be this man when I grow up.

  2. Also, for those who are curious about the lyrics to the theme song:

    Sega Saturn Shiro!
    by Segata Sanshiro

    The solitary man who devoted his soul to the way of games
    Today, he comes again
    He will punish those who do not play seriously
    Their battered bodies will never forget!
    [chorus] Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn…shiro!

    They play tennis, sing karaoke, flirt around in clubs…
    Are there not more serious tasks to be done?
    Those who cannot have fun outside of groups
    He questions them deep inside their hearts
    Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn…shiro!

    (Voice of Segata)
    Youngsters… is there something in your life you are completely devoted to?
    Something you sink into so deeply you put your life on the line?
    You must play Sega Saturn!
    Play…until your fingers break! Until your fingers break!

    Even if they chase after sex, that petty pleasure
    They’re only spending years of emptiness
    Those who do not immerse themselves to the extreme in gaming
    He will tear them apart!
    Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn…shiro!

    The white clouds floating on the great blue sky
    And the boiling red bloodshed in fierce gaming
    Those who give up halfway through
    Their battered bodies will never forget!
    Segata Sanshiro, Segata Sanshiro! Sega Saturn…shiro!

    From the lovely people at SegaShiro.com
    Look at the lyrics and download the theme song here: http://www.segashiro.com/2009/09/01/segata-sanshiro-theme-song/

  3. Last bit of comment-spam. Sega Saturn Shiro literally means “You must play/do Sega Saturn.” Which is why Segata Sanshiro’s name is so awesome.

  4. It also means Sega Saturn White sometimes, doesn’t it

  5. Yep, you’re correct! Shiro is white, so I suppose there’s that meaning too!

  6. I don’t know how effective it was but this had to have been the coolest ad campaign for anything ever.

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