Email questions. Have Crush 40 answer them.

If you’re like me, you won’t be in England this weekend, which is unfortunate. Partly because its delightfully quaint in some areas, but mostly because you’ll miss out on the ‘Summer of Sonic’ festival where Crush 40 will be appearing. HOWEVER, there is an upside to this otherwise disheartening truth. The folks at ‘Sonic Stadium‘ are accepting emailed questions at ‘tbird [at]’ with the subject heading ‘Crush 40 Questions’, to be asked at the event. They need to be in by Thursday 9.00 AM BST.

They’re also offering prizes for the best question, so thinking caps/sonic hats on to see if you can come up with a winner. Bonus points if you ask them how to ‘follow your rainbow’ in the event of a double rainbow. I believe the world deserves an answer.


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  1. Kudos to whoever can conjure up the best question, cause I can’t think of a blasted thing.

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