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The most ineffective sunhat ever

Back in the 90s before the internet was lousy with redundant videogame news sites (cough) game companies had to find other ways to get the word out about major new developments like consoles. Without the youtubes or XBox Live game companies actually had to send out VHS tapes to people with magazine subscriptions or to game stores where they would play on a loop. Some of these are ridiculous but I’ll take them over having to see the same scene from The Big Bang Theory over and over when I’m in a Gamestop. I hate that show so much.

Japan gets Segata Sanshiro and we get… whatever the hell this is. Some weird mish-mash of random, confusing imagery. Remember that scene in Reality Bites when MTV ruins Winona Ryder’s documentary by totally 90’s-ing it up by recutting it? I think that’s what Sega did to this. And who knew Kratos got his start in videogames through advertisement?

Here’s one for Sega Channel hosted by the dude from Nick Arcade. It looks like a Bill Nye the Science Guy episode knocked up a ClipArt program.

This one’s for Sega’s Activator. It looks a lot like Sony and Microsoft’s E3 presentations this year.

I’ll leave you with this one for the Sega CD. It features all your favorites like Night Trap, Kris Kross’s Make My Video, and Sewer Shark. It’s like a perfume commercial mixed with a Primus video.

That’s it for this week, dudes and dudettes. What’s YOU favorite Sega ad or ad campaign? Let us know in the comments or over on the forums. And remember, The IT Crowd does what The Big Bang Theoesn’t.

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  1. Maybe SEGA should have focus tested the Segata Sanshiro campaign to see how effective it would have been in other regions. I’m positive that campaign would have been a lot more successful than the b.s. they used to see units over here.

    Anyway, my favorite SEGA ad might just be the Jet Set Radio commercial just because I like the music they play. Non SEGA related, I like the Syphon Filter 2 and Jet Moto ads.

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