Forum News: Better than Toy Story 3

The logic here is flawless.

Hey Sega addicts, once again it’s time for Forum News. Starting this week, and for however long I do this feature, I’m going to be focusing mainly on new threads, except in special circumstances (like the Bar). I feel that this way my feature will be less of a play by play of certain threads, and more of a guardian angel, guiding you towards happiness and prosperity, at least that which is found in our forums. One thing I’m not changing is the annoying bit where I tell you to join the forums. So just join the forums so I can stop bugging you about it.

So hit our new, exciting more button to read about what’s been happening in the forums.
Let’s start off with the challenges, because no one seems to dislike when I do them first:

  1. Someone make a new thread in the Bananas and Pepsi Max section.
  2. Get the bar thread rolling again.
  3. Someone create a way to further strip us of privacy.
  4. Somehow, lets spin out a Sega-Addicts meme.
  5. Someone make a man meat joke.

I really need to add some difficulty to these because for the third straight week we are victorious! The third challenge is a bit debatable, but this is my feature and I can do what I want. I’m giving us a win there because Kris’ new PAX thread involves mentioning whether you will be attending PAX. In doing this you’re disclosing your location and sacrificing your privacy. Now that’s what I call logic.

So the new post in Bananas and Pepsi Max is my restaurant discussion one. So far we have people who like Burger King, Sonic’s and The Tokyo. It’s a pretty broad subject so if you’ve ever had any opinion on any type of eatery, get in there and tells us about it.

The bar thread was a lot more active this week than it’s been for a while. We mostly discussed Kris’ birthday, Suda 51 and various other branching topics with little to no continuity. That’s pretty much what that tread is, which makes it absolutely wonderful.

I do love you Suda.

The rest of the Bar forum was going crazy too. We now have a pictures thread where you can post funny, pornographic, homemade (no wait that goes here), thought-provoking, artistic or any other adjective pictures. There are already a whole bunch of interesting pictures, so you should have plenty of fun going through them and adding your own. We now have a place to talk about sports if sometimes you like to do something other than play Sega-related video games. Or you can see why our site is better than Toy Story 3. Then, check out MattJay’s community blog over on Destructoid and tell him what you think in the thread for it. I think it’s a really good idea for a blog, so check it out and agree with us! meme? How about nicknames? Yeah, for some reason we got really off topic in a thread I’m going to talk about in a couple paragraphs and started coming up with nicknames for each other. I’m Predz now, you must always refer to me as that. So jump in the forums and pick up your own nickname today!

So what is this thread in question? Well, it’s called Sega Addicts X OCRemix?! Yeah that’s right, there is some speculation that one of our upcoming podcasts will be about OCRemix and the Sega-related remixing scene. Nothing’s for sure yet, but a member of OCRemix seems to be interested with the site and Alex seems to be up for it. Are you as excited about this as we are? Tell us about it in the comments or in the forum.

In Sega Games and Consoles the discussion was about Valkyria Chronicles (for obvious reasons [the podcast {it was the main topic}]) and Sonic Colours’ music. A lot of people around Sega-addicts seem to be excited for Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Sonic Colours, so it’s good to see that reflected in the forums. The Sonic Colours thread also saw a debate about lyrics in video game music. We’re all about music this week, so tell us what you think and how you feel about those topics.

Non-Sega Gaming had a lot of interesting stuff going on in it as well. We talked about the Scott Pilgrim game, how excited we were for it and how it sucks/is good. This game seems to be really divisive (in case you couldn’t tell from our review), so I expect a lot of good discussion about it. Speaking of divisiveness, we also have a thread to talk about games that other people hate, but you adore. This is a pretty neat idea, because I for one have quite a few games that I like that are generally looked down upon. Finally, we also have a thread in which to talk about importing games. There are a lot of interesting games that seem to be stuck in Japan (like Sakura Wars 1 – 4), so go to this thread and help break the chains of oppression: play Japanese games today!

Finally, if you like models, toys or diecasts of any kind, we now have just the thread for you. Even if you don’t, you can still marvel at the intricacy and complexity of some of these trinkets. Or you can become sexually aroused by the Bayonetta ones.

This toy will kick your ass if you don't join the forums.

Well, let’s get to the challenges. This week I’m going to make them really hard, so be ready.

  1. Get post count up to 2000.
  2. Someone, anyone, make a trade.
  3. Keep popular threads I didn’t mention active (within reason).
  4. Have a good discussion about something.
  5. Give me a reason to mention an older thread in next week’s Forum News.

The difficulty here is that everything is pretty vague. On the plus side, challenges 3, 4 and 5 could potentially occur in the same thread. I look forward to seeing how we do. I know we can make it 4 weeks in a row.

Oh yeah, lulz, manmeat, finally.

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  1. Someday, we will have a thriving forum. Someday. WE NEED MORE MEMBERS!

  2. It would also help if more of the members we do have were more active. There’s a lot of people with 0 posts. HEY YOU THERE READING THIS, GO POST MORE NOW.

  3. It’s not perfectly thriving, but it’s damn good so far.

  4. I agree, I never have trouble finding stuff to talk about in this feature. That’s a good sign.

  5. We need business cards

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