A Sonic marathon is taking place right now for charity. GO DONATE!

Stop what you are doing and watch this and donate to it right now. It´s for charity. Go do it. At this moment they´re playing through Sonic 2 and they´ll be playing all the way through Monday. I don´t need to tell you more just do it.

The extra lives guys are cool dudes so support them and the charity to raise money, to provide clean water for developing countries. DONATE HERE. DO IT. DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE FOR ONCE. They´re even playing Sonic 06 later. Now if anything deserves money, that´s it.

[Source: Extra Lives]

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  1. Still watching, hours later.

    This is some great stuff.

  2. Oh man they’re on Sonic ’06 now. I can’t believe this is still going on.

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