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This cat needs to visit our forums.

It’s a Sunday night, you’re bored, staring at your computer looking for something to do. Well I have the answer for you: join our forums and start chatting it up about all sorts of fun stuff. They’re becoming a lot of fun and it’s more worth your time than ever to check it out!

This week was a pretty fun week in there. We didn’t get all of the challenges again, but we didn’t do too badly. Hit the jump to read up on exactly what happened in there.

So lets start, as always, with last week’s challenges:

1. Get post count up to 2000.
2. Someone, anyone, make a trade.
3. Keep popular threads I didn’t mention active (within reason).
4. Have a good discussion about something.
5. Give me a reason to mention an older thread in next week’s Forum News.

Well we didn’t get the first 2, but 3, 4 and 5 were achieved. 60% isn’t too bad. To be fair the first 2 challenges were really hard. I don’t care what they say, I still love you, Sega-addicts.

Lots of typically popular threads stayed busy this week. The Bar saw us trying to inspire Kris to keep writing an interesting feature on importing games. As always there were about 5 or 6 other random topics. What a great thread. The What Are You Playing and What Are You Listening To had some decent discussion in them as well. The Bar covers challenges 3 and 5, so good on us for getting a 2 in 1!

Speaking of discussions, what a great segue! The discussion that won us challenge 4 happened in the favorite movie thread. It was about how modern comedies generally suck, where as they never used to. It was a pretty interesting thread and it’s not too late to get in there and have your opinion heard, so do it now! This isn’t the only fun you can have in the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section; you can also tell us who your favourite hero and villain are. This was probably my favourite thread this week. It’s really interesting to see who people choose, and some of them are really surprising.

What a great segway.

In the Sega-Addicts Podcast sub-forum we have the obligatory weekly podcast thread, this week it was even on time! If you liked or disliked what you heard this week on the podcast go ahead and tell us about it. You can also make fun of this week’s special guest and writer for the site Brett Hatfield. Speaking of writers, do you remember Stevie’s crazy one-time feature that happened this week? Well if not, check it out, then go and talk about it. If you want to see more of it tell him and he might just do it.

As far as Sega games go, we talked a little bit about the glory that is Bayonetta because I finally picked that sucker up. There was also some excitement going around for the newly announced Virtua Tennis 4. It seems like this week it was all about Sega as a 3rd-party. How do you feel about Sega’s releases as a 3rd party developer/publisher? Tell us about it now!

A big trend right now in the forums seems to be discussing our favourite things. This week alone you can talk about your favourite Sonic levels, soup,  or cookies. Seems like a good way to get your opinions heard so get in there and tell us what you think about these fine items. The discussion about food wasn’t just about our favourites, we also have a general restaurant thread where you can talk about restaurants you like and those you hate. Technically this thread is from last week, but it took off this week, so I’m including it because I do what I want.

Say, do you like old memes that randomly interested me the other day? If don’t object that, go to this thread and object to other stuff! I know it’s like 4 years old, but I still find it funny, and apparently so do a few other people, so check it out. Feel like spending your time in our forums doing something Sega-related? Well then check out this thread about the ExtraLives marathon that’s happening right now. If you can afford it, I recommend you donate to the good cause, or just view the live stream to give them support. They’re donating the money to a charity that provides clean water to developing nations. They’ve reached their goal of $5000 and are currently shooting for $6000.The live stream is available here.

Sonic says: "That's a baddical idea!"

With that we have this week’s challenges. I’ve made them easier so hopefully we can do them all again. They are as follows:

  1. Get the post count to 2000.
  2. Someone create a thread about food that isn’t about your favourite.
  3. Get 25 posts in the 25th podcast thread, time permitting.
  4. Someone do something in the trading section.
  5. Make me laugh.

These aren’t hard at all, certainly not compared to last weeks. Challenge 3 might be a tough one because from now on podcasts are coming out on Fridays, so if this thread doesn’t go up until late Friday/early Saturday I’m not going to expect us to get 25 posts in it, in which case I’ll veto the challenge and consider our results out of 4. Also, don’t worry about number 5, that’s a freebie, I laugh at least once a week in our forums.

Next week I might not have Internet access after Thursday, so I may not get to write forum news. If that’s the case I’ll look into getting another writer to do it, or I’ll go war driving until I can get on a network. If I can’t get it written, I’ll just extend the challenges for another week.

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  1. I’ll get on taht food thing. I think I have the greatest idea ever. Like…of all time.

  2. Most of the ideas you have are the greatest ever.

  3. I would join the forums but I’m already active on a few. In the future I may join in on the fun but lurking’s not always bad.

  4. Come ooooonnnn. COME OOOOONNN.

    I can’t wait til our forums get crazy active like other sites. I love mingling with the community.

  5. I kinda, sorta, somewhat, maybe, perhaps joined the forums about 15 or so minutes ago.

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