Forum News: Rage!

Anarchy, grrrr.

Hello, Sega addicts. This is not a happy forum news, I just want to get that out of the way early. In fact, to quote the famous movie The Network “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this any more.” I urge you to get up out of your seat and…actually, no, I urge you to stay in your seat, open a new tab or window follow this link and start posting, or follow this link and join the damn forums. I want you to get posting! The forum is a wonderful place when there is activity, and it is up to us to give it the activity it deserves!

Now that I’ve rallied the troops, hit the jump to learn about the little bit of action that did happen.

Miraculously we did decently on the challenges.

  1. Talk about something in Bananas and Pepsi Max.
  2. Same thing but for Music/TOO/MANY/WORDS.
  3. Postmodernism? Maybe? Please?

No one talked about food at all, but I did get a response to the Postmodernism thread, which technically takes care of numbers 2 and 3. I guess there is a few rays of hope here.


As far as activity goes, I’m not going to repeat what I wrote last week, so I’m only going to draw your attention to 2 things. As for what else is happening in the forums please consult last week’s Forum News, as it is still up to date thanks to our inactivity. Both of these threads occurred in the Sega Addicts podcast section, evidently the most popular section this week. The first is the Podcast 39 – Capcom Part 1 thread. I’m surprised this one has stayed silent given how popular Capcom is, so this had better change by tonight. The second thing is actually more site-related than anything else: Stevie announced that next week’s rendition of Reviews of Games I Haven’t Played will be the last one ever. For some of you I’m sure this is the best news you’ve read on our site, except maybe that whole Dreamcast collection thing. For others you’re probably rather upset right now because you’re losing some of the funniest content this site has to offer. Regardless of where between these two extremes your feelings lie, you should discuss it in the thread I liked to above.

By the way, an anonymous tipster has informed me that some interesting messages might start to appear in the forums. I wonder what that’s about. Better check back often to see what’s up with that. And for challenges, just post in the damn forums.

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  1. Interesting messages = Your posts, people. We ourselves want to see these interesting messages, so post them.

  2. It would help if the nick/log-in to the main site worked for the forum too.
    I, at least, have thought of posting there, then I found I had to register again and… yeah, lazyness took over. 🙂

    I guess said lazyness can be overcome with some kind of special bonus prize or something.

    Yes, I am just being a douche, pay me no attention. :p

  3. I have a good excuse for not posting last week! I have a leg injury and couldn’t sit in front of a computer for a week. I’m back though, so expect posts from me. <3

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