Banana Addicts Episode 25 records tonight!

You may notice something different about your favorite podcast/website. No, we didn’t get a new haircut or paint our nails a different shade of blue. We’ve actually decided to drop the SEGA theme and instead focus 100% on everyone’s favorite yellow edible, the banana.

Sure, SEGA’s great and everything but there’s only so much you can talk about. Sonic this. Sega Dreamcast that. Always repeated over and over again. With bananas there’s a whole world to explore. Different brands, types, ripeness, peeling techniques, uses, and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing the amount of topics this one fruit contains.

Anyway, tonight’s podcast will be devoted entirely to the yellow drug. We’ll be discussing banana news, bananas and peanut butter, and bad banana experiences. If you’ve got any questions just leave them in the comments below as we will be doing listener questions. Plus, since this is kind of our transitioning episode from SEGA to bananas we will allow for questions relating to SEGA and video games if you got ’em.

Don’t forget about this week’s contest! What can you win? Oh, just a Sega Saturn or Dreamcast.

Catch you on the other side of the peel! (God, that was horrible)

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  1. [img][/img]

    The best way to eat a Banana!

  2. All the years we have spent together
    my heart is all fuzzy

  3. Best banana brand sticker?

    Would you say bananas FOSTER your love for Sega?

  4. Did any of you have that Ice Cream Banana’s yet? (The blue one)

  5. Dude, there’s like two bananas on the top of my refrigerator. I’m all set for this transition so LET’S DO THIS!!!

  6. Alex, are you using the Sonic cartoons as inspiration for crafting these terrible puns?

    Recent banana related quick look of And Yet It Moves.

  7. @Sanaj
    That game’s out? I thought it wasn’t hitting the Wii until next month or October. Also, I knew it was weird outside of the trailers. It’s very hypnotic too.

  8. @GamingFiend
    Yes, “And Yet It Moves” is out now on WiiWare for 10 dollars (1000 Wii points).

    It’s also on steam for the same price. There’s a demo there if you want to try it first.

  9. @Sanaj
    Thanks. I’ll go try that demo out.

  10. Have any of you eaten a banana recently? What’s the best amount of bananas to buy at the grocery store? Have you ever bought a single banana at a time from a grocery store?

  11. My questions are:

    1) Will you ever do a podcast on SEGA racing games?

    2) Have you ever eaten at least a small part of a banana peel before and what did it taste like to you?

  12. It’s a Podcast with appeal!

    Or did someone already make that pun?

  13. I just have one thing to say… “RISE FROM YOUR GROVE.”

  14. Has anyone had fried plantains before? And if so, did you like them?

  15. what’s everybody’s favorite sega addicts podcast moment so far?

  16. Dammit. I missed asking a question today. If I’d missed asking a question on every other episode but this one I totally would have been okay with it. DISAPPOINT. I love bananas.

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