Sonic Colours blue wisp revealed

Another day, another piece of Sonic Colours news to get me excited! Sega recently revealed the blue wisp, who looks a little something like this:

D’aww, how cute! This blue alien creature will grant you the ability to transform blue rings into blue boxes. It also works the other way round. Sounds like this little chap could be useful for puzzle sections, but for also finding new secret routes in a level. The prospect of secret passages and different ways to get through a level excites me, as that’s one thing I feel the newer Sonic games lacked, but the older one’s had. Either way with each passing wisp I get even more excited for this game. Looks really fun and dare I say, colourful! Hur dur videogame puns.

[Source: Sonic Stadium]

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  1. So, it’s a chat bubble on a tripod then?

    Maybe it’s Jello that stares back at you.

  2. Looks like someone mated a Chao with a Viagra tablet!

  3. Sounds like a P block from Mario but dunno.

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