Sonic 2 HD Remix has an awesome trailer

Remember a while ago I told you about the Sonic 2 HD fan project? Well as you can see it has a beautiful trailer now. If you haven’t watched it, then please do. It is really good.

Personally, I can’t wait to play it as so much effort has been put into updating the classic we all know and love. But what do you think? Yeah I bet you saw that question coming but humour me and tell me your opinions in the comments!

[Source: Destructoid]

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  1. Dr. Robotnik’s mech in the background is a great touch.

    It’s interesting that they made some of the robots bigger like in the Game Gear games.

  2. Very cool to see this in HD with current graphics, but you can tell this is fan made and not from the boys at SEGA. It’s lacking the lighter, vivid primaries that made up the game. All the grass textures have too much dark to them and too many hard edges. It’s not exactly a flattering look. In actual Sonic games, those nature levels just jump off the screen in beauty. This one looks too busy and dark. Like Halo got its hands on our mascot, or something.

    Still, you can tell a lot of work went into this, and I’d love to one day play it. Is this a PC thing, or what?

  3. I agree with Grolt. Very awesome-looking, but way too dark in some areas, and definitely very busy.

    Regardless, I would still love to play it.

    The more fan-made things I see like this, the more I wonder why Sega hasn’t done it, but then I think, “oh wait, there’s a canon Sonic game coming out THIS MONTH.”

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