Forum News: It’s all about the classics

Maybe not this classic.

Hey Sega-addicts, it’s time, once again, for Forum News. As always you should take this opportunity to join the forums if you haven’t already done that. We always love to see new faces in there, so if you’ve been thinking about joining for a while, now is a great time to be impulsive and do it. Hit the more button to find out what kinds of crazy shenanigans we were up to this week.

We’ll start things off by taking a look at the challenges:

  1. Someone post a picture with the Double Down Dessert.
  2. Post a new thread in the Bananas and Pepsi Max section.
  3. Someone provide any writer feedback on a feature this week.
  4. Keep some classic threads going for me to talk about.
  5. Everyone have a good time.

We didn’t do too badly; we got them all except for the first one. There was a new thread in the Bananas and Pepsi Max section, there was some feedback here and there, the classic threads were as busy as usual, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Good for us!

In Bananas and Pepsi Max this week everyone talked about two of the most healthy types of food in existence: ramen noodles and midnight snacks. I wonder if anyone enjoys ramen as a midnight snack. If that person is you, go and tell us right now, in both threads! Even if that isn’t you, go ahead and tell us about what you do like.

You really can't go wrong with ramen noodles, unless you can't read the instructions.

In the podcast section, as is the case nearly every week, we have the podcast thread. This week it was about Sonic Adventure, a game that seems to have very mixed support by our forum members. I look forward to the ensuing conversation about the game. Speaking of which, for some reason there’s been a lot of discussion in the Episode 22 thread. Now that’s a classic thread–it’s from August 4th! Ok, it’s only 2 months old, but we’re a fairly new site so it’s old for us. But we have more than just podcasts going on in there; we also have a thread discussing an idea Sega-addicts writer Brett Hatfield had for a TVTropes page for the podcast and site.

But what about video games? Well, it was all about Sonic in the Sega Games and Consoles section. For some reason, until this week our forum was without a Sonic 4 thread. That is a problem no more thanks to this thread right here. If you prefer older Sonic games and new visuals, you can also talk about the Sonic 2 fan remix. You might be asking: what if I don’t like Sega games, can I still talk about stuff? My answer is: how did you arrive at a site called Sega-addicts if you don’t like Sega, but yes! You could talk about the classic PC game Apogee. You can also discuss the day that you became a game in this thread here. But seriously, it helps a lot if you actually like Sega.

In the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section it was all about classics this week. We talked a lot about what music we were listening to. We also got creative in the Creativity thread! But speaking of classics, lets talk about the craziness that is The Bar. It began with the remnants of a discussion that centered around the temperature, then it centered around the 3DS, and then it became a Doctor Who thread. There’s something about the doctor that makes our forum weak in the knees, because every time he comes up we just keep talking about him. But hey, if you hate all that shit you can start up a topic about whatever you want, because that is what the Bar is all about.

Every freakin' time!

With that we’re left with this week’s set of challenges:

  1. Make the Bar thread 25 pages long.
  2. Provide more feedback to Brett’s TVTropes idea.
  3. Make 10 new threads total.
  4. Make one of those threads a thread in the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section.
  5. Make the Episode 30 thread the most popular podcast thread since Episode 22.

Overall I don’t think these will be too hard to complete, except challenge 5. We can definitely do that if we pull together and do it. For now, I’ll see you in the forums.

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