The Sega Addicts Podcast episode 30 records tonight!

Remember last podcast when we said that the next episode would be entirely made up of your questions? Well, we weren’t joking! The next episode of Sega Addicts is all about the listener questions and we’re posting the show post early this week so we can gather up as many questions as possible and give you some time to think.

Now, you may be thinking, “I can ask the Sega Addicts a question. That’s easy!”

Guess what. It ain’t so easy, mister, as we’ve added a twist. Every comment you post with a question has to include two things: 1) A Sega/videogame related questions and 2) A question relating to one of the following Sega Addicts cast suggested topics (listed below). If you do one and not the other or your question completely misses any of the topics then we will… we will….. not answer your question very nice. Not nice at all.

Here’s those cast member topics:

Alex: Decorative rugs

Tom: Toys

Kris: Soup

Mike: Male thongs

Francis P. Tassium: Mathematical algorithms

Now get asking those questions. You can do as many as you want as long as each comment meets the two requirements!

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  1. Do you think Alex Kidd would have been a better received franchise if he were wearing a male thong?

  2. @Alex: There is a giant, decorative rug attacking the city. In order to make the rug normal again, you must get rid of the evil lint possessing it. How would you go about this?

    @Tom: Say you made the Sega Addicts Minis into toys and they were able to say one catchphrase involving cheese and ducks. What do you think they would say?

    @Kris: You make your soup. You walk away for a minute. You return and see an abnormally large piece of feces in the bowl, with the soup completely missing. What do you do?

    @Mike: Which two male Sonic characters would you like to see in an epic pelvic thrusting battle, while wearing thongs?

    @Francis P. Tassium: What do mathematical algorithms and your worshiping the Dark Lord of the Nether Realm have in common?

  3. @Alex: If the Bonanza Bros. tried to rob a house and one of them slipped on a decorative rug and broke their back would they be liable to sue the homeowner?

    @Tom: What kind of toys would Ulala enjoy?

    @Kris: If Colonel Cambpell was literally a can of Campbell’s soup would Metal Gear Solid be a much better series than it already is?

    @Mike: Seeing as how Adam and Axel are now male strippers since they’ve lost their jobs as cops do you think they prefer to wear briefs, boxers, or male thongs to bachelorette parties?

    @Francis: What the hell is a mathematical algorithm? I’ve heard of math and I’ve heard of algorithms. Never thought of the two together.

  4. Well. After reading those, I have no idea what to even suggest, but I’ll try anyway.

    Alex, which Sega character would Albert Wesker have made into a decorative rug for his reading room?

    Tom, what would be/or already is the most awkward toy Sega could make based off a video game character. I’ll try to help: Seaman.

    Kris, which Sega accessories would you use to make the best Sega Stew?

    Mike, what game would best be fitted with a male thong mode, or fit best in a male thong in real life?

    Francis, your wife is on the phone and is beginning to worry about your “relationship” with Topher. Math your way out of that one. Godspeed, sir.

  5. Who would you rather see bubble bathing in vat of soup, Amy or Rouge the bat?

  6. @Everyone: You have become locked within a candlelit, well-furnished room, void of windows. You see four male thongs lying haphazardly at your feet, on a decorative rug that spans the majority of the abode. Stepping over them, careful not to step in anything wet, you look and see that Deathmask (of Battle Monsters), Dr. Robotnik, The Clockwork Knight, and Bubsy are all sitting in a large, bubbling bowl of soup. Completely naked. Rubbing one another’s bellies. There is evidence of previous oil-rubbings due to a used bottle sitting on a nearby table. On the table is also a notepad covered in all sorts of sexually explicit mathematical algorithms, involving things like PLEASURE x COLD NIPPLES =/= BATTLE MONSTERS. As you near, the four men turn their heads, wink suggestively, and beckon you with flourishing movements. A banana peel floats to the surface of the soup. How do you escape the room, using any or all of the objects/characters mentioned? Or do you?


  7. ………….oh my fucking god. Manic Maverick has gone BEYOND MAVERICK.

    How the hell do I follow that?! Oh well, here goes.


    Alex: Your preferred design on a rug is…?

    Tom: Did you play with/do you collect Hot Wheels, and if so, what’s your favorite of their original (IE: not a real car) vehicles?

    Kris: Why can’t soup be awesome and delicious instead of boring and ick?


    Francis: Two Tophers leave different cities heading toward each other at different speeds. When and where do they meet?

  8. @Alex: If Rodin from Bayonetta had to decorate his pub (“The Gates of Hell”) with a nice rug, what would he choose and why?

    @Tom: Let’s say if Dr. Eggman (aka Robotnik) grabbed a random mechanical toy to defeat Sonic once and for all what would he grab, and what functions would this mechanical play toy of his has?

    @Kris: Shining Force II had a chess board as a battleground before. Let’s say, what if Shining Force had a true sequel, (we’ve seen MML 3 get revived so this is a possibility…) how would you feel about playing in a bowl of soup, and what kind of enemies/bosses would you have make up in that soup? What ingredients would be in this soup and what would be used as platforms to walk across, before disappearing into the the vat of yummy soup? Just for kicks what type of soup would this be, just curious?

    @Mike: Going back to Rodin (because I like what Platinum Games did with Bayonetta)… Do you think he’d look great in a part of thongs as he greets you every time? Cut-scenes, Gates of Hell, etc. Hell how about the whole cast of males. I’m sure they’d look wonderful in a tight part of stockings. Don’t you agree?

    @Francis: What would you get if you combine the geniuses of Dr. Robotink, plus the cunningness of Dr. Wily and his hand made robots? In return what would it take and combine and or minus of another Sega-related character to defeat these two in battle?

  9. Btw Alex I still haven’t seen VC yet. Even though I have a copy already I did win it and have yet to see it in the mail.

  10. Some real questions. I know, sacrilege.

    If Sonic couldn’t be SEGA’s mascot, then who do you think would be most fit to represent the company?

    What old 2D SEGA game would you like to see get the 3D treatment on a modern console?

    What’s the most underrated game for the Saturn?

    From a hardware standpoint, which SEGA console do you think was the best at its launch?

    Would you rather have Blast Processing or Mode 7 scaling?

    What’s your favorite developer that SEGA’s publishing and working with today?

    The best SEGA game so far this year is?

  11. What is your least favorite Sonic game and why?

    If Nintendo and Sega teamed up and made a console what would you want it to be called? (besides the Dreamcast 2)

    @Francis, Are you going to make an appearance in Super Monkey Ball 3DS?

  12. RegularAssMattNotGrimlock October 7, 2010 @ 2:07 PM

    hello there good looking sega cast!
    hey, so you’re all super handsome and here are my questions:
    if you could take any/several sega characters out of their game and into your bedroom who would it be?
    and what kind of soup would you make them for lunch the next day?

    @Francis, this morning when I got in the shower I had a banana peel fall off of me, explain yourself

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