Contest: Sonic 4 (XBLA) Thanksgiving Day Giveaway!

In the spirit of giving, SEGA has just sent us 10 Sonic 4 XBLA codes to give away! We’ve thought long and hard about just what this contest would be and we’ve finally come to a decision.

To enter all you need to do is create anything that combines Thanksgiving with Sonic the Hedgehog.

What do we mean by anything?

Well, we mean anything. It can be a drawing, painting, haiku, poem, fanfic, song, sculpture, game, welcome mat, mobile, oven mitt, comic, photo, recipe, etc. As long as it combines something Thanksgiving related with something Sonic related it meets the requirements. So get creative!

To enter please put your submission in the comments below. If it’s an image, link or embed to the image. If it’s a poem, type it in there. If it’s a long piece of fanfic link it. If it’s a song link to it. Etc, etc. Just make sure we can get to it.

The final day for submissions will be a week from Thanksgiving (Dec. 2nd) and we’ll be announcing the winners on both our podcast and on the site. We’ll be picking 10 winners based on quality, humor, creativity, and overall sex appeal.

Actually, scratch that sex appeal part I don’t think I want to see those submissions.

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  1. Oh my sweet blue blaze
    Gone like the wind but never dazed
    Why your work never praised.

    **To above pic:

    Sonic: Smooth bro. Just smooth.
    Knuckles: Mavth Bwah. *Swallows in one gulp.*
    Knuckles: Not like *you* were planning on sharing that with Shadow anyway!
    Sonic: Shh!
    *Pulls the chair back and walks to the nearest refrigerator.*
    Sonic: God Bless Chili Dogs.
    Shadow: But I don’t like chili dogs. *Sad face*
    Sonic: Shaddup bro didn’t ask you.

  2. A Sonic Haiku:

    First Opa then Kidd
    No mascot to be thankful for
    Then came the hedgehog

  3. And a picture, too:


  4. Because the picture gets cut off, here’s the link to it:

  5. I give you the Sonurkey

  6. Over the HIDROCITY, and through the MARBLE GARDEN,
    To ROBOTINIK’s house we go;
    SONIC knows the way to keep up the pace
    through the white and ICE CAP snow.
    Over the river, and through the LOOPS
    Oh, how the wind does blow!
    FRICTION stings the toes and bites the nose
    As ROLLING on ground we go.
    Over the river, and through the RINGS
    Run fast, my SPIKEY-BLUE!
    ROLL over the ground like you may,
    For this is Thanksgiving Day.
    Hurrah for the fun! Is the LEVEL done?
    Hurrah for the pumpkin CHILLI DOG pie!

  7. [img][/img]

  8. [img][/img]

    Look at that devilish smile Sonic has! Whatever Robotnik had planned for them stupid turkeys, Sonic’s plans can’t be any better.

  9. A little Haiku for you if you will:

    Sonic is thankful
    Knuckles loves to eat turkey
    Tails enjoys gravy

  10. Thanks speedy blue guy
    So fast no cam. can follow
    I hate those glitches

  11. [img][/img]

  12. Green Hill saved by blue
    Turkey for all for Thanksgiving
    Prefers chili dogs

  13. Here is mine:

    That’s how Sonic is spending his thanksgiving night!
    Shadow it planing on that turkey hehe

  14. SO I had my 9 year old daughter Lily work on some pictures that mixed Sonic & thanksgiving.

    This is the one we picked as our favorite….

    I hope its OK if we post the others below? because she worked very hard on these 🙂

  15. Is the deadline 11:59pm on Thursday, or 11:59pm today, or what? I need to know the latest I can send this in, on the hour. XD I’m kind of rushing at this point. ~_~;;

  16. Awesome! I think I can make it then. 😀

  17. How do I love Sonic, let me count the ways…
    1. is for his awesome cool blue pointy hair that is soooo cute.
    2. is for how fast he is, always can get whatever I need as fast as I need.
    3. is for how he has always been a part of my chlidhood (one of the first sega games I owned)
    4. is for the way he always can help me feel faster then I end up in real life
    5. is for the endless hours of trying to speed run thru the first level, always trying to best my top speed.
    6. is for how happy I am that Sega continues to keep making new Sonic games, and
    7. Because I can now share the awesomeness that is Sonic with my children, and for future generations to come!
    Thanks! Annie

  18. Um ya.

    Chaos Emerald
    Or a delicious turkey
    Or maybe eat Tails?

    I said I’d do something but I completely lost track of time. Poop.

  19. “A tisket a tasket
    you can suck
    my wicker basket”

    -Sonic the Hedgehog, 1994

  20. <:C

    So, my animation didn't work out. At least not on time. I'm still working on it. Many problems were had, and I almost punched 7 babies in the necks. I of course couldn't enter it into the contest, but here's a screenshot anyway. :C

    Hopefully I can get it done soon. Just need to surpass some problems I've been having. Really sad that I couldn't enter this contest, but seeing as how the animation wasn't originally for the contest, I can't be too sad…

  21. Hey gangsters, just wondering when you’re going to announce the winners for this? I thought maybe it would be on the Splatterhouse podcast, but instead we were given an English bloke. A fair trade, I must say.

    • I hope to get a post up announcing the winners today. We know who they are but I just haven’t had a chance to put the announcement post up yet.

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