Forum News: Rally to Restore the Forum

And give me action in the forum!

It’s a dark day, Sega-addicts, we’re all too busy with school work and the pre-Christmas video game dump to pay much attention to the forums. As a result it’s getting kind of desolate in there. But that’s all about to change. I’m taking a page out of John Stuart’s/Stephen Colbert’s books and I am throwing a rally to restore the forum. So join the forums, then read on to learn about the new things happening up in there.

I’m going to keep this post fairly concise because a lot of it is concerning threads that were posted today in honour of this event. Technically I guess their creation is the event, but whatever. Don’t worry, we’re not going to speak in Washington D.C. or anything. The only place you have to go is the forum and start chatting it up in there.

Anyway, let’s start with the challenge:

POST MORE THAN LAST WEEK AND DON’T LET ME DOWN. That includes activity in all sections of the forum. ALL OF THEM. I want the forum to be jumping this week, or so help me there will be hell to pay.

As you should be able to tell by the drastic measures I’m taking, you let me down, Sega-addicts. But I decided punishment wasn’t the way to deal with this. Instead I turn the blame on myself. And that’s why I’m bringing forth changes – SO MANY NEW THREADS.

There are new threads all over the place now, and I hope to add even more as the week goes on. I feel like the best way to prevent stagnation is to stir the pot a little bit, so I’m doing just that. I’m dumping threads on this forum like never before. I encourage everyone to come join me in giving this forum a multitude of new topics to discuss, but more importantly I encourage everyone to get in there and actually discuss these things. New threads are no good without discussion, so get in there and make your voice heard!

Probably post his thoughts in the forum.

Before I tell you about all the fun new stuff we have I really want to highlight some fairly recent threads that I would hate to see buried by this new wave of activity. In light of this week’s podcast being very unfortunately canceled some of my colleagues on staff have recorded an alternative podcast to listen to. You can find the thread for the Writers Wroom podcast here and the podcast itself is available here. If that isn’t enough for you, it’s hosted by the most controversial writer on staff Stevie Grant. Speaking of Stevie, need I remind you that he has his own forum where craziness is constantly ensuing? He also has Stevie points and special prizes that may or may not exist up in there as well. If one thread of random ridiculousness isn’t sufficient for you we also have The Bar, a thread that needs no introduction.

Now lets get into the new threads, eh? Also in the bar we have a very funny thread about a magazine article that attempts to define certain words that we apparently use. Once you see what they think “fap” means you’ll have a good laugh, and that’s just the beginning. I should start writing news with their perception of slang terms, it would be incredible. Maybe I’ll start now. Say, do you “G’s” know what an “uber” “phatty” meat is? Chicken!  Damn right, we now have a thread about Chicken. Finally, in Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff we have threads on some very fun genres: postmodernism, science fiction and horror. One of those genres probably appeals to you or, in the case of postmodernism, is a thing you hate. These threads are open to any medium you want to talk about.

Dear Lord, the postmodernists took over children's architecture.

Speaking of things everyone hates: Sonic 2006. Get in there and talk about that garbage. If you feel like talking about a good game or two, I gotcha covered. December is the month that everyone changes their display picture to that of their favourite Pokemon. In honour of this I have made a thread where we post a picture of that Pokemon. If Pokemon isn’t your thing, surely you like Mickey Mouse! Hell, we have a whole Podcast for that little guy. Now we also have a thread for the recently released game Epic Mickey. I realize the new video game threads are lacking compared to the other sections, but I feel like we already have a ton of great threads on both Sega and non-Sega gaming. I promise that if you go in there to talk about a game you’ll be able to find a thread for it. If not, make one!

For challenges this week all I want is some activity in each of the threads I’ve outlined here and some activity outside of them. To sum it up – just post in our forum and I’ll be happy. You have no excuses not to! We have a wonderful community, and it’s about time we all came out of our shells and talked to one another. Have a great week, Sega-addicts, I’ll see you in the forums.

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  1. I think the past 2 weeks have been the deadest the forum has ever been since it’s birth. Where is everyone?!

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