Platinum Games to make fifth game for Sega

Well now this is some good news to wake up to…after 1pm EST. Though Platinum Games finished it’s contractual obligation to make 4 games for Sega, it seems that they got comfortable and are sticking around for the long haul. Or at least for another game anyway. Alan Pritchard, Sega’s VP for Sales and Marketing, told Game Informer that “We have a further title to announce from Platinum Games.”

For some reason the guys over at Joystiq feel like this announcement is going to be a sequel, in which case that game will likely be either Bayonetta 2 or Vanquish 2, though a Bayonetta sequel is the most likely. Personally I’d like to see a new IP come out of this since I generally enjoy the ideas Platinum has and it’s nice to see games being made that don’t take the form Familiar Game Franchise, Volume x. Either way, I’m sure Platinum has something good up their sleeves and we’ll keep you up-to-date when we hear more about it.

[Source: Joystiq]

  • GamingFiend

    Dare I say this decision was… platinum.

  • Pat Reddick

    HA! You just won the Sega-Addicts Pun of the Week Award.

  • Alex Sargeant

    That was very clover of him!

    I’d love to see another Infinite Space. The first game was okay, but had there been a quest log, some free flight ability and the 3D models weren’t quite so fugly I think it could’ve been really something.

    3DS please! To be fair, they haven’t made a game together yet I haven’t liked an awful lot so, I’d like a sixth and seventh game too, if not more.

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