The Sega Addicts Forums are back!

After a month of renovations based on your input, we’re pleased to announce that our official forums are back and better than ever! All your old favorite boards are back, but we’re on new software, we have several new features now, a brand new look, badges, and we’re thinking of some really cool community events in the future as well.

So come by and be a part of our reborn community. We don’t bite, and it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Go to the forums!

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Brett Hatfield

♂/34 ✭ former sega addicts head and megavisions writer ✭ too many mixed up interests ✭ asuka kazama saved my life ✭ final fantasy type-0 shill ✭ asuka ayatsugi in xiv ✭ go preds

Readers Comments (3)

  1. So happy to see the forums reborn

  2. I’m glad it’s back too. I’ve missed it so much!

  3. I kept checking in thinking, Wasn’t there a forum link? And now, it’s back!

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