December 2010


Sturmwind gets a new trailer

“What’s Sturmwind?” You may ask. Well Sturmwind is a new shoot em up, coming out for the Deamcast! That’s right, a new Dreamcast game! As you can see from the trailer, the levels can scroll both vertically or horizontally. Pretty neat right? But! “Where can I buy this game?” You…


Sega Addicts Writers Room: A Retro City Rampage Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Recently the Sega Addicts Writers (well two of them including me) had to the chance to do a podcast with Brian Provintiano, the developer of the upcoming awesome game Retro City Rampage! In this very special not-really-Christmas-themed-but-we-still-talk-about-Christmas-so-it-counts- episode, we talk about the game itself, Christmas gaming memories,…