December 2010


Review: Splatterhouse (360/PS3)

The fact that I have just played a new game in the Splatterhouse series is kind of amazing. It’s been 17 years since the last game in the series, Splatterhouse 3, was released for the SEGA Genesis, and the fact that the game is adored by a relatively niche group…


Forum News: Rally to Restore the Forum

It’s a dark day, Sega-addicts, we’re all too busy with school work and the pre-Christmas video game dump to pay much attention to the forums. As a result it’s getting kind of desolate in there. But that’s all about to change. I’m taking a page out of John Stuart’s/Stephen Colbert’s…


Public Access Destructoid visits Sega HQ Jon Carnage of Destructoid stopped by Sega headquarters recently to pitch a new game console to our favorite company.  Destructoid’s Sonic Colors review gets broached in a delicious way.  I guess Sega has a sense of humor about making a mediocre game.  At least we like the game though….


Sega makes a cool slot machine

Not really videogame related, but hey Sega made it so I guess it’s relevant. For those of you blissfully ignorant, Sega also makes gambling machines and other stuff for Japan. The video above was a trailer for one of them. The machine is volcano themed and has lots of cool…