The SEGA Addicts record episode 42 tonight!

Tonight we continue our fantastical journey through Capcom’s releases on Sega consoles. We’ll be discussing Street Fighter Alpha 1 & 2, Mega Man X3, Night Warriors, and the classic educational children’s game, Resident Evil.

It should be a good time for all.

If you’ve got questions for the cast please leave them in the comments below!

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  1. For me there is a charm to Resident Evil that is mostly missing from games now. The limitations of early disc-based gaming made those repetitive and long loading screens every time you opened a door kind of effective in building up scares and forcing the player to wait on edge for what would load behind that door. Now, mostly, gaming is so streamlined and so much about instant gratification that there’s often never pause for such things as suspense. Is there anything you guys miss about the limitations of older gaming that’s no longer around today?

  2. I’m suspecting Alex is a fan of atleast the first Reisdent Evil with it’s campy horror feel. Jill sandwiches aside, does anyone have any other favorite b-quality lines from Resident Evil? And has anyone else made an attempt to get through the game using only the combat knife?

  3. If you could replace the 4 survivors in Left 4 Dead with 2 Capcom characters and 2 Sega characters, who would they be?

  4. CAPCOM mentioned a while ago that Resident Evil 6 would be a reboot of the series. Does this worry you after seeing what’s happening the the Devil May Cry series?

  5. Humm, let’s see…

    1. If you could steal one Capcom IP and give it to Sega what would it be and why?

    2. Vice versa, from Sega to Capcom. State your reasons.

    3. Yes, we all know it will not happen anytime soon, but if Sega made a new console, after all said and done, do you think Capcom would heavily support it these days or not really?

    4. Sega vs Capcom round 2:

    Deep Fear or Resident Evil 2?

    Virtua Fighter 5 or Street Fighter IV?

    Yakuza (the series) or Resident Evil (the series)? Yeah, I know this one is an easy and very obvious one, maybe I have a secret wish of seeing Capcom being trashed if just a little bit.

    Jet Set Radio or Power Stone?

    The 3D Ps2 Shinobi or Devil May Cry?

    The Lost World Arcade or Dino Crisis?

    The House of the Dead 2 or Dead Rising 2?

    Virtua On Oratorio Tangram or Project Justice?

    CSP 2 or Model 2?

    A new Sega console or a console made by Capcom?

  6. Q1: Why are there so many Street Fighter games!?

    Q2: What are your favourite crappy lines from Resident Evil? Crappy lines from other Sega games?

    Q3: If you had to combine Street Fighter, Night Warriors, Mega Man X3, and Resident Evil into one game, what would it be? Its name? Characters? Story/plot? Would there be butts?

  7. I forgot a question with my original two.

    My friend and I always thought Capcom could probably release and succeed with their own video game system since they have covered nearly every genre within their library.

    Not necessarily with this generation, but if Capcom had released a console earlier in the lifespan of games, do you think they could have been a valiant competitor?

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