Bayonetta model for a modest $2000

Do you love Bayonetta and have two thousand extra dollars? Well this is the model for you! Mr. Big is now selling this model pre-assembled for a paltry ¥180,000, that’s $2,186 for us yankees. Now I know what you are thinking, I love Bayonetta but I also love two thousand dollars. Well Mr. Big has you covered there as well! You can buy the same model not assembled or painted for a reasonable $558 dollars. Either way you win, I think.

Anyone plan on buying one? If you do pick me up one as well, you just have to wait for me to get a second job so I can pay you back.

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. $1500 for assembly and painting? Good lord. I think I’d rather just hit on cosplayers dressed up as her. I might fail miserably, but atleast it will be free.

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