Capcom sheds light on Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s shadow mode

This is our new staff writer, John Doherty’s, inaugural post. You may previously know him as “sarahtonin” on the site and forums. We’re excited to have John writing for us and look forward to a “boo-yoo-ti-ful fwendship” as Bugs Bunny would say.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is just around the corner and already Capcom is releasing info for its DLC. In this first round of content players will be able to play against AI “modeled after famous players and specific themed teams”.

If you have ever dreamed of going head to head with MvC3 producer Ryota Niitsuma, assistant producer Akihito Kadowaki, or a QA team leader then Capcom has made that dream come true. I have enough trouble with the normal AI of fighting games as it is let alone the AI of one of the games developers. So far Capcom has released no info on the price for this content.

Will you rise to the challenge and purchase this DLC?

[Source: Destructiod]

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  1. First I would like to say, welcome new staff member. But anyways, I’ll probably buy the DLC, I’ll show those developers whose boss. (I’ll probably get my butt kicked)

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